We converted £500 to £2000 in the first month of working for restaurants and takeaways


After 3 months of working with them, they were making an extra

£4000 - £12000 every month

Want to know how?


You can probably guess


By using Facebook and Instagram


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All that we ask is that you spend £250 of your money to advertise and we won’t charge you for our services.


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 Restaurant Example 

We spent £5 a day and advertised this post for 2 weeks. The owner said he earned around £2000. £1000 a week. They were giving good food and high-quality service. That month we made them an average of £4500 by just spending £500 on advertising.

 Takeaway example 

For this takeaway, we advertised posts like this for a month spending £10 a day which had an offer, Buy one main meal get one free. Over the course of 4 weeks, these posts were seen by 250,000 people and it generated them an extra £1000 - £1500 a week. When we started working with this takeaway, they were making £3000 a week. By the end our 3rd months working together, they were making £5000 - £6000 a week.

Now obviously, every business is different, if you are providing good food and exceptional service we can help you achieve those figures for your restaurant and takeaway.

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