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Customer Trust

People are still wary of purchasing online. Even though security is getting better and tougher to crack, online fraud is still on the rise. This is a worrying challenge for online retailers on how to build trust with customers using their sites. People wonder if their credit cards data will be safe, they wonder if online retailers will actually honour the money-back guarantee.

Here are some ways you can work on increasing your customer's trust while they are on-site or off-site.

  • Assure customers by offering payment methods they can trust. Display them clearly on your checkout page and on the footer of every page. Also, make sure you are using high-quality icons, that should go without saying.

  • Make sure your site is running securely with https:// enabled or else sites these days warn users not to enter any personal information due to the site's lack of security

  • Highlight your return policy. Now, there are some cons to this. Online retailers these days are seeing a rise in "intentional returns". We will cover that on another blog post, however, a solid returns policy has shown to increase customers trust in a brand and enables them to pour out their wallets.

  • Make yourself more available for customer inquiries. Modern-day consumers are known to be impatient. Speed of communication or instant gratification has made customers demands more urgent. Consumers who are unsure about your brand will reach out to you through many channels to clarify any doubt they might have about your product.

These are just a few basic changes you can bring about to your site to improve your customer experience. Stay tuned as we post more in the future.

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